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Milk Teas
Taro Milk Tea
Brown Sugar Signature

These are three of our many traditional Milk Tea based Bubble Teas, which will make you taste the Taiwanese Culture.

You don’t even have to pay for flight tickets to Taiwan πŸ˜‰

Matcha Milk Tea
Iced Teas
Green Apple Iced tea
Grape Iced Tea

A hot country, like Taiwan, also needs some refreshing Iced Tea. To spice it up a little bit they combined it with their traditional Bubble Tea.

Are you keen on experiencing a cooling taste explosion in your mouth? #BeFreshDrinkFresh

Mango Iced Tea
What is your authentic Bubble Tea ?
Milk Tea
What is your traditional Iced Tea ?
Iced Tea
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It is very important to us to include the Taiwanese tradition into every drink. To give our customers the authentic flavour of Taiwan, we combine original Taiwanese ingredients in a traditional way


At The Bo Bar we value the quality of each Bubble Tea. We have chosen the best of the best ingredients to ensure a desirable taste and an unforgettable experience

Unique Recipe

Over many years we have adjusted the taste of every Bubble Tea recipe, to catapult our Bubble Tea on a complete different level. You will not find our Bubble Tea taste anywhere else and that is a Guarantee. Try it yourself!


We know that nothing is better than fresh ingredients! Therefore, all our ingredients are directly imported from Taiwan, from fresh tea leaves to fresh fruit powder. Yet, to support our local market we get our variety of fresh milk from The Netherlands

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We are moving to a new Location!  

Therefore, we will be closed until the 15th of September !

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